Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rocky & New Workout Challenge

My little boy, who has partially torn ACL's, had a little episode while at mama's and papa's. He got up and his leg was out of socket, or something. He walked to the door on three legs and I saw him get up and said "mom, somethings wrong" and about then he yelped, and trust me this pup never yelps. 

It broke my heart. He was shaking and scared. We pet him and my mom massaged his hip and knee until it went back down and he put weight on it. He has been a little sore last few days, especially if he lays down awhile. We are keeping him pretty quiet right now to let him heal and get better, which he hates. Once he gets up and it loosens up he is ready to go....but his mom and dad are not letting him because he needs to heal. We love that little boy so much!

 He is our world and I hurt and wonder and ask "why he has to have bad knees? Luckily my mom was a massage therapist and let us bring home her chi machine! We have been using it religiously since he hurt it, and I am happy to report his is doing much better today. He is such a good boy during his treatments and just rest his head on me! I love this sweet boy!

Husband used it on his arm, and I used it on my knee and we both could tell a difference! It made husband a believer!! He is one of those

We are going to keep using it on him and I hope he just continues to get better!

Yesterday, I took the plunge and joined the Crossfit craze! 

I start today! Hope I can walk tomorrow!!!

I looked at our workout, and it is a killer! Here is to the last few weeks of my Biggest Loser Challenge at work and getting fit! I hope to see some results! I am down some weight and toned up, but really wanting to mix up my workouts and challenge myself!! :)

Happy Hump Day everyone! 
and for all you Puppy lovers out there, please say a little prayer for my Rock! 


  1. OH NO! My babies are my world too and I am always so sad when something happens to them! Glad he is doing better!

  2. my heart is breaking. Pooor Rocky baby. Tally and I are sending healthy boxer vibes, and we REALLY hope he feels better!


  3. Oh no! I hope he gets better very soon. Poor guy. :(