Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For you Erin!!

So I have uploaded a series of pictures of my life over the past couple of months just for fun since I have not blogged...and Erin said more pictures Sarah, Erin, and Me and Clow and Llow's wedding! Me, Kev, and Sarah at wedding! **** Me and Josh in Las Vegas for the NFR! In front of the Thomas and Mack for the 10th Round It was soo amazing! I never in my dreams thought I would get to go-and I did and we had awesome seats! It was truly a dream come true! And I want to go every year. Me and my amazing Puppies- Lucky and Rocky! It Snowed a ton and made for a beautiful but stressful Christmas! Jess, Josh, Me, and Kev at Sarah and Kevs shower Me and Sarah at the shower!!:)


  1. You are so obedient! I should tell you to do things more often. These are SO cute. Your hair always looks good, but I love how your hair looks in the Christmas picture with the dogs.

    That dress you have on for the shower is so dang cute! You and Sarah look so cute and chic!! You always have a cute new dress :)

  2. Sheesh, Erin's gonna give you a big head. ba-hahaha. jk jk

    I love the pictures!! :)