Monday, June 27, 2011

Through it all, We Remain the Same

This weekend Josh, Rock & I loaded up to head to the DFW for yet another wedding! The union of Wade Havins and Amelia Wells! This is the last of the weddings for us in 2011, & the first of my High School friends wedding! :)Amy & Wade's wedding was simply beautiful! Congrats to the two of them as they start their new life together! So exciting!! :)

I had some pretty awesome Friends in High School! We were extremely tight, and once we graduated we all went our different ways to take on life! Through it all we have remained the same & r still the best of friends today, & I LOVE THAT! I was really looking forward to this weekend because ALL of US haven't got to hang out in quite awhile! So I knew this was going to be a great weekend! We all met up for lunch Saturday at Chuy's! When this group gets is for sure going to be a good night! & once again it was! :) It is truly a blessing to have friends that can get together and never miss a beat, when it has sometimes been a year since we all saw eachother!! (Especially since the parents of a few have moved from Vernon and are never down for the holidays anymore.)I can't wait for the end of August when all of the girls will get together for a girl trip!

The weekend was all around a successful fun weekend! Josh and I had a blast and enjoyed seeing everyone! :)


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  2. Dallas was so much fun! It was great seeing you and meeting your man :) You guys are cuties!