Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So it seems I have fallen off of the blogging pattern! For good reasons though I might add! I have been busy! Everything from my bday weekend, to time with Josh during his break, to Nashville, TN this past weekend!! TO begin where I left off it was the beginning to kick off my birthday weekend! It began with a fun trip to College Station to watch the Aggies BTHO OSU, which did not happen! We BTHO the first half, but did not follow through the second half! We had a great time tailgating and enjoying Northgate later that might for my bithday! Sarah and Kev surprised me with 25 balloons and a cake when I arrived and then TJ surprised me with my wonderful gift from the family! The weekend was still successful minus the loss!

The group at the game

Kev & Me supporting TNT Outfitters at the Aggie Game!

Sunday I was exhausted! I drove from CS to South of SA for a bridal shower for my dear Friend Shauna! It was so good to see her, and then Rocky and I started the adventure back home! :) My wonderful Fiance came home for my birthday and made it home Sunday night as well! It was so great to see him! When he got home he started honking the horn like crazy and both Sampson and Rocky were laying beside me and freaked. They started barking...but were scared. It was as if they were thinking "OMG someone is really here this time...what do we do?" Then they went CRAZAY when they saw who it was!

Josh and I spend the day in SA for my birthday on Monday! I took the day off and we did a little cake tasting and put our deposit down on the bakery for our wedding cakes!!!! :) Josh took me to Foga de Chao for my birthday! We had so much fun catching up and eating our body weight! If you have never eaten here, you must go! It is amazing! :) It is a Brazilian Steakhouse and is basically all you can eat! You have a card, Red means Stop and Green means Go- and the food just starts coming!
Here is us at Foga de Chao enjoying our lunch!! :)

I am now learning how to golf...LEARNING! I still have a long way to go, but my swing has def improved after one lesson! I cant wait to go to my next lesson! Josh bought me new clubs for my birthday, pink golf balls, & pink tees! I am ready to go!! I can't wait to get better so I can start playing with Josh more! :) We hit at the driving range a few times during the time Josh was home so that was fun!!

Well that is enough catch up for today! Josh headed back to CO last week and will be back right before Thanksgiving! It is going to go by fast though! MY mom is coming down Thursday until Monday this week! Can't wait to hang out! We are going to do registries and look at chairs and get some things taken care of!

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