Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 PUPPIES...whaaat?

Josh Calls me last week and verifies that my assumptions over the last few weeks of the ranch dog Lilly being pregnant are TRUE. He called and said "we have 3 puppies..." WHAT? 3 puppies...why couldn't she have just had 1 like last time I thought to myself, mid panic. I was nervous, because she is getting really old, and quit producing milk with Nelson and didn't seem to have much milk before this litter...so to me 3 puppies was going to be tough. And for anyone who knows me, knows I am an animal lover to the max and would want to make sure these pups have milk and are okay, but bottle feeding every 2 hours is out of the question for me and we know boys wouldn't take time for that. AND we were leaving Friday before lunch for the wedding. I told myself she would have milk,and to not get it way. Let nature and her instincts take their course. Then about 3 hours later I get another call from Josh, "Well, we have 5 puppies..." ha you can only imagine the shock in my voice...and face. "5 PUPPIES? OMG IS SHE DONE" "I think so" haha I sure did hope so, and she was.

So there we have it...we have 5 new puppies at the ranch that are now 5 days old. They are so tiny and all little girls! Three black and 2 colored like Nelson! Lilly is a wonderful mom and taking great care of them! She has milk and is doing good, but after this litter we are taking her in to get her fixed. I want no more puppies! I have enough dogs! They are EACH a full time job.

If you know anyone in the market for a dog, send them our way! These little girls are going to be super smart! The mom and dad are extremely smart and Nelson is as well!

Well just wanted to share the news of the new additions to the ranch temporarily...not permanently! :)

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