Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 3&4

Day 3 &4 Yesterday started off no bueno! It was raining. We thought it would stop like the day before, but it kept coming! We started the morning off with breakfast delivered to room since we are Honeymooners! Then This was our day to go drive speedboats and snorkel.  With the rain, we decided to go anyways. We already had week planned and didn't know weather do couldn't change it. The guy that booked it for us said it wasn't as rainy down the way where the speedboats were.  We hopped on the bus to take us to location, it was open on sides and Covered on top. It was a wet 20 mins. I asked josh, "what if we get there and we don't want to do it" he said "we are committed now. No backing out" lol We picked up 2 other couples at another resort and were happy we weren't the only crazy ones.  Once we arrived on location it Was cold and sprinkling. But we were committed! We got in the water And it was surprisingly warm! This was an awesome deal because we got to drive the speed boat 30 mins out and then snorkel for almost an hour then drive back!  So we hopped in speed boat and were off, or so we thought! Turns out our speed boat wasn't too speedy. Josh said "they should call this a relaxing boat not speed" haha. The head guy kept telling us to go and we were like we are haha. So he came and in the wavy water we jumped and switched boats. Theeeen, we were Off! This little boat was fast. The guides were laughing at us because I was screaming slow down to josh the whole time.  Once we made it to the big boat we tied up and got ready to snorkel! Our guide was Juan Carlos and he took us out To feed Fish right away. Josh didn't wear his jacket and it was choppy. I was nervous at first, but he is fiiine. He can swim like a fish, I am the one that panics! Haha This was neat we saw a ton of fish and sea Creatures. Josh was in heaven. This has been a dream of His for so long so it was amazing to see it come true and to see him so happy! The guides kept giving us a hard time. And told josh he prob has bruise from me Elbowing him lol!  The ride back was smoother and not raining. It was so much fun! Dinner last night was Our "romantic dinner on the beach" it was a 4 course meal of salad (which josh ate) crab soup, steak and shrimp, and dessert!! It was amazing and so nice just having us two privately and quick service! Everyone here is on top of things. They are hard workers. They literally run with food trays!!! We then enjoyed and hung out in lobby! It was 9:30 so we headed to the theater for the circus show!!!! Omg! Anyone who knows me, Knows I love These things! It was So awesome. We really enjoyed it!! Today we are on the golf Course! We are having a blast!!!:) then tonight it is reservations at the hibachi restaurant which I cannot wait for and then the Michael Jackson show tonight. Yep, be jealous Sister!!!!:)  The Nashes are Having a ball in Punta Cana! It's So nice just the two of us! Well, it's be better if Rock was Here also. We miss our Little side kick! Love all! Colby Nash  (it doesn't get old!!)

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  1. LOL I love your honeymoon stories! And YES! I am so jealous! :) Miss you!