Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend and Work Overload

If I hear "this is priority" I may...okay do nothing but really work is so busy right now with no sight of it slowing down even just a little. I feel like every time I post it is about how busy work is, but it's true. I have a to do list that keeps compiling each day with deadlines and every day I get a new tasks (plural) that is the to be made "priority". I have learned to multi task pretty well but feel I need to even learn how to do it better. One key thing is take a deep breath and take your time. That's something I've learned this week for sure whew.

Anywho, I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend! Some friends did not have anything going on and we were free so they decided to drive on down last minute! And Mother Nature decided to come a downpour early Friday morning. We have had maybe 2 inches all year and by 8 am Friday morning we had almost 3 inches of rain. The River was flooded and flowing. Prob best case scenarios for the river being it had not had much rain and it was Memorial Day weekend. We did not let this spoil our weekend. Pool day and cooked out Saturday and headed over to a friends for a neon themed birthday party Sunday!!!!!
River Running Fast...and dirty
Has to be into everything
I love this place. Blessed

I caught up in laundry and rest Monday and tried to prepare myself for the week.
Rocky only wanted to cuddle with is momma 

Missy threw a shoe so I couldn't ride until I got it put back on. She got it put back on on Wednesday, well two because she threw another shoe. I had crossfit Wednesday and had no motivation and it was a hard workout. I was the only one for awhile and then finally two more strolled in at exactly 6:30, which I was glad or I would have not be too motivated lol

Where is everyone?
Yesterday I took Miss Priss for a ride and she did really well. I cannot complain she is improving with each ride. I hope to start back on the barrels Sunday, if it does not rain!
One of my Fav views

Someone is pooped after her ride
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!