Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Lose the Herd...

So not only do we have deer and exotics at our ranch, but we also have cows! Awe sweet annoying little cows. Now I am an animal lover of all and will help any animal out! I mean I tried to bottle feed a calf on my own for 1.5 hours...which was unsuccessful because he did not take it! BUT I did get a killer work out in. He is doing fine on his own. I feed him everyday, not milk just feed. His name is Norman!

OKAY back to the story of the cows. This past weekend I went for a nice evening ride on my horse. There were four cows & Spanky (the ram who thinks he is a cow, Literally) up around our house before I left. When I return, there is water shooting out of a pipe straight up into the air. WTH? I of course go into panic mode of "Oh Snap, what the heck am I going to do? I don't know how to fix a busted pipe...Stupid cows you bust my pipe with no consideration that it is just me out here." So what do I do? RUN to the house and call Josh! Then Bob, Then Travis! I got the water turned off & was told it would either get fixed that night (well it was already 7:45pm so I doubted that) or first thing in the morning! No biggie! Down side--our house & Coup's water is all connected on the same water line so I had no water as well. Stupid Cows. Well it ended up getting fixed at some point that night because when I went to bed I had water! :) Miguel had come to the rescue, and without my knowledge of knowing he was ever there. ha.

Sunday morning rolls around and I decide to go for another ride...same 4 cows are still around. I am proactive and block the pipe so they cannot brake it again. which would be the 2nd time in 1 week. I then begin to wonder where the rest of the herd is. Hope they didn't all die? Is that possible for 14 cows to all die at the same time? oh no. So I proceed with my ride, get home and rinse off coup and feed & still no cows.

About 7 hours later I FIND THE COWS while enjoying a movie on my couch. Where'd I find them? IN MY FLOWER BED- which should really be called a rock bed. No flowers just decor. Ugh. Stupid Cows again. Have you ever tried to scare a cow, and it is like scaring a human right in front of their face, AFTER you have told them "hey, I'm about to scare you" Yep, they don't move. I resorted to tossing rocks at them, hey they were ruining my nice flower beds, and making a mess of trash, Don't Judge. I was soo aggravated with the mess they made. All I ask is STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE and THE WATER LINES! Is that too much for a girl to ask?

In the end, I was happy to not lose the herd, but not happy with the beating my house took in the process. AND to top it off Boss Man was coming in Tuesday, in which I found out Monday. Awesomeness. So motto until the end of the 3 months "Don't Lose the herd" I almost failed this past weekend!

Until next time!
The Herd Keeper,

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  1. bahahaha! Love this! And you're so right about trying to scare cows! And they move at a snail's pace! lol you're my hero! :)