Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not through here...

Living out on the ranch we have a gate entrance! Yep, we are fancy! Don't be jealous! Well last last week this oh so wonderful gate decided to break. I push my button top open the gate to only get...

An almost half way open gate. It thought about opening all the way, then shutting, then opening, then shutting, before stopping and giving me the picture above. Hmmm....I sat there pondering how I was going to fix this. At the ranch we have no cell phone service, luckily I have a cell phone booster and could get a few bars. I called Josh, who once again is 12 hrs. away- no answer. (note: this will probably never change. I still call my dad for everything else not dealing with the ranch and I havent lived at home for 7 years!) Anyways long story short. I slightly panicked not thinking there was a way to get in, but remembered there is another gate with a code I could have gone in as well. But just had to drive down a dusty road and i had JUST cleaned my car the day before. I called Bob because the owners were coming to town the NEXT day and the gate was broke! He advised me to try and unscrew bolt and leave it open, this was important because Ramona the cook was coming out that night and needed in and drives a navigator so would be harder to fit. So after Zippy (my car, yes her name is Zippy) squeeeeezed thru at an angle that took a few 3 pt turns to accomplis the angle, we made it through! for this bolt thing...Where is it? .I made trip home 1st to change, go to the restroom, grab rock & then headed back to the front gate to try and find this "bolt. After some trial and error and another call to Josh I FOUND it...and the dang bolt was too tight from me to loosen with my own "non rough" hands! So I head back up to the barn to get a tool.(mind you its over a 1.5 miles to my house, main compound, and barns from front gate) I decide to be proactive and grab two tools in case one didnt fit. Go BACK to the front, and dang the luck I still cant get it. SO I text Bob, and ask him what he wants me to do. I get back to the main compound, and he ask me to unlock the other gate so she can get in later. so BACK up to the front I go, and down the DUSTY road to unlock the gate. Glad that was all sorted out, 1 hr later. HA.

Accomplishments: 1 unlocked gate that wasnt used, a still half way open gate, & A filthy car that was just cleaned, no workout or horse ridden

Gate was fixed the next day. Currently still working! :) Just hope if it breaks again it is half way so I can squeeze thru again.

Welp, until next time!

Keep it Real,

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