Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Christmas as a Mrs.

Well I am finally caught up on rest after a wonderful Christmas spent with family! Husband and I hosted Christmas this year at our place! It was a big year - our first one as Mr. and Mrs. , first one in our new home (well we have been in our home almost a year now, but first christmas), and our first year to host all the family! 

I would say the over all weekend was a success! We had a blast getting to see everyone! I must admit, Christmas felt weird being on a Tuesday though and everyone having to head back home on Christmas day. :( We sure did have a busy weekend, or 4 days I should say! I rode Missy Mae, we went on walks,  played a ton of kinect, ate well, blessed with gifts and laughs, rode 4-wheelers, Took family photos, and drove around looking at deer! 

Husband got one of his Christmas gifts early, Popcorn, a mini donkey! He was so excited and has been anticipating him since he found out he was getting him in November. Popcorn is 4 months old. My parents brought him down Saturday in the back of the truck in a crate! They said they got pictures taken at the gas station and were even offered money for him! Luckily, they did not take the offer and made it to the ranch with him ;) He is so funny! Loves people and doesn't mind the dogs, minus Sampson. It must be his ears, or his bark!

Here is our Christmas in a few photos! Hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and remembered the real reason for the season, our savior Jesus Christ.

A boy and his donkey
He thinks he is a dog, and came right in the house
What a view!
Husband and me

Beej & Teej
The Padres

Christmas Morning
Kisses for husband
Best Friends


 We loved these hats!

And Rock is out! He is tired from all the activity!

Enjoy your short week! I will be back tomorrow with another update! :)