Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE work blues

Who else feels like the only ones lucky enough to work today? What's crabby day to have to work is what I think! Oh well, I do get to leave early and am off tomorrow!
Can't wait to get home and join everyone at the ranch to bring in the new year! Glad we got some moisture on the ground for fireworks! Doesn't make it quite as dangerous!
This weekend was enjoyable, as most are! I must admit I am getting very spoiled from being home every weekend! I love it! Home with my boys and horse are the best! Saturday started with morning chores to prepare for the group, In which Popcorn helped.

Morning ride in the brisk cold. Someone was quite frisky.
Disregard awkward face

Quick walk with Popcorn and Rock! Rocky was a by standard in Popcorns takeoff and kick up and got kicked LOL luckily Popcorn is only 4 months and not strong! Rock is in guard now haha

And a quick workout with Rock and Husband! ;)

The annual ranch New Years group then began arriving! We always have a lot of fun with this group! With cold weather we have been inside a lot. No bacci ball tournament this year! We did however play poker, in which I lost $5 dang!
The big winner!
Well happy last day of 2012! Everyone be safe and have a Happy New Year!! Can't wait to start mew new workouts and eating regimen come Friday!:) we are going to make the old game room our new workout area that I can do insanity and weights! Can't wait!
Well back to work I go to finish out the year!

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