Thursday, January 3, 2013

In with the New

Another day another dollar...well a little short of a dollar now thanks to Obama raising taxes. But that's for the birds! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! Husband and I enjoyed it at the ranch with a fun group! We ate dinner, played games, danced, and Husband put on another great firework display!
Ringing in 2013 as Mr & Mrs for the first time!!

New Year's Day consisted of the annual writing of our New Years resolutions and going over last years! I made 3.5 of 4! This year I hope I can go 5 for 5.... But I may be setting myself up for failure being I cannot remember my 5th resolution and it is already sealed and in the safe. Damn. And then Christmas decor came down ad naps were had once the guest went on their way! Oh and black eyed peas were consumed, duh!

Here are my resolutions, I added a fifth one on my own today. Maybe I connected with my inner self and it is the same, but probably not. Alas, my four resolutions plus a new one!:)

I have these two little cuties in my life that guarantee no matter what 2013 will be a great one! and of course, a wonderful husband!

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