Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow and then Rain

Another Texas winter, It has been so hot, and then boom last week we get snow

And now over 2 inches of rain!  No complaints here though! We needed the moisture soooo bad! Husband kept saying "If we do not get rain it is going to be one drrryyyy summer, and we though 2 years ago was a bad draught" So thank you lord for the rain! 

Popcorn would not move under cover during rain, and would just stand in it. Poor Guy! So we moved him into the barn next to missy and dried him off. Note to self: Mini Donkeys do not like being dried off with a towel. Missy Mae is literally obsessed with him. If she can't see him she nickers and freaks out until she can. It is literally like her baby to her. She will be a good mama one day! She is doing better as we go and once we get her away from him more than once a week she will learn it is ok!

What a flop of a Game Monday night. I mean, Notre Dame was claiming all season how they earned to be where they were and this was proving to everyone that they were where they deserved to be in the rankings etc. and then they stuck their big ol' foot in their mouth Monday, ouch. Now I am neither a ND fan nor 'Bama, just wanted to watch a game!

Well we are 5 days into Biggest Loser challenge at work. I have worked out 4 days. Done insanity 3 of those. I skipped yesterday for headache and being tired but made it to gym this am and will be doing my insanity workout from yday! Basically I took my rest day early :) We weigh in ea Friday Ah! I did not know this until this am! But guess it is good to keep me accountable!

I have also started meal planning for the husband and I being we are somewhat on different eating plans. Hopefully planning it out will help! And then beginning of ea week will buy meats for the week! We shall see.

ALSO, while everyone is hooked to the Bachelor, I chose not to watch this week. But my life is now complete with Biggest Loser back on and Pretty Little Liars!!!! I missed last night because the husband and I watched the Avengers, but I will watch online during lunch or tonight on DVR!

Happy Wednesday People!

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