Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box

I was so excited to participate in my first ever Cara Box Exchange! I got to know 2 great bloggers in the blogging world!

 Kaitlyn with Wifessionals sent me my Cara Box! I was beyond excited when I saw I got paired with her, and she nailed it! She did awesome!!!!! I had given her a list of my resolutions and was so happy with how creative and thoughtful she was to help motivate me to stick to these!!!

My Cara Box items

She sent me a 2 year Bible reading guide to help me build my relationship with God and spend more time reading. A Jounral to write down verses or thoughts as I read, and sticky flags to mark important pages!! 

Almonds and re-usable lunch bags to encourage me to take my lunch and eat healthy! J'adore cards for my trip with my husband! Paperclips to mark my pages as I hope to start reading more! And a Pink Coupon holder for either coupons or recipers for healthy eating! :)

The cutest little hair tyes to hold my hair back as I kick my butt back into shape along with ear buds to jam out! All in my favorite colors!!!!

And lastly, she threw in just for fun gifts! Grain Free Treats for Rocky! (Rocky and Marcy are lovers) and a nail polish in my favorite color!!!!

Kaitlyn did so awesome on my cara box and it was awesome to get to know her! I cannot wait for next months to meet even more bloggers!!! Sign up for Cara Box over at Kaitlyn's blog if you are interested!!!! 

Rocky was so excited for the cara box as well, that he decided to go through the box on his own. Marcy must have told him to be on the look out!!!!

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  1. I just am now going through everyone's posts!!! I am glad you (and Rocky) loved the box (: xoxo