Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fashion Circle of Life

So a friend and I went on a girls shopping trip Saturday! All I ended up buying was some workout clothes, husband a new iphone 5, and shoes.  Lame? I think so. It is probably even more lame that I am excited about my new Nike Fuel band I am getting today! Oh, how times have changed! 

Man, have times changed though. When I was younger, Shopping at Abercrombie was the best! I mean why the heck did we have our parents pay $50 for a tee that said Abercrombie. Dumb 

And we thought we had style. Heck it was a tee. That is it haha!

Well Fashion has changed. I would not call it "Fashion Forward" But maybe "Fashion Back"
I kid you not I have never seen so many clothes from the 80's with a little bit of 90's. I mean Denim is BACK! Denim Shorts, Denim Tops, Denim Vest, Demin Hoochie Shirts, and all need to be BEDAZZLED! Yep, I saw a lot of these. 

This top is actually Called "Bejeweled Denim Top"
Not to mention, what is she wearing on her legs.

Acid Wash, remember those. Any Acid wash short had to be paired with white high tops. Oh Save by the Bell, you are back. And Trust me I saw a Girl with oversized shirt, acid wash shorts, and white high tops. Yes.

Hmm....Add a Selena Bra and you are set for a night at the club

Then we have this! Remember tying the tops?


YES! I even saw these out on a rack! Come on people! We have shirts now where you can pee and not have to unbutton your pants AND your shirt! It is genius i tell ya!

Lots of these. Which some are cute, this pattern is not.

And these remind me of KISS! Not sure why! 

So there we have it! Fashion! I may be an outcast, but this is one fashion trend I am going to stay away from! :) I think I may not be the only one!!!

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