Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend {Wrap-Up}

A day late, but I made it none the less~

This weekend the husband and I took advantage of him having the weekend off and we went on over to Houston to visit friends! There was a cookoff we planned on attending Friday night and then Top Golf Saturday, with plans of going back to the cookoff to watch a band play we all enjoy! 

It has been awhile since the husband and I have road tripped and we had a ball! :) Singing and dancing And Emoji texting with a friend kept us entertained the entire way! Here are some pics from the weekend!

 Don't mind the creepy eyes from Iphone pics! We froze our bums off here, but it was fun!

Top Golf! We literally spent 9 hours at this place. We arrived at 2 hoping to leave by 7 to make it to the cookoff, well we did not even get our bay until after 5. So needless to say we were not going to only play for 2 hours after we waited 3! So we stayed...until 11 p.m.

Just Rocky boy and I headed home on Sunday :( The husband stayed back to help a friend move and hunt Monday am before they road tripped back home. 
Rock rode Shotgun

Lastly, this is my new purchase. Nike Fuel Band! Say what you will, but I am obssessed! Do not rain on my parade or burst my happy bubble! I understand it isn't an "accurate" calorie counter but it sure is better than not having one!! ANNNND I literally did jumping jacks and ran in place for 15 minutes to hit my goal the first day! I just up'd my goal to 4,000 fuel points so Hope I hit it!!! 

And my after work work-out yday! Boom! But my knees are paying for it today, so it was just the elliptical for me this am.

Happy Tuesday All! 

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