Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Things First {Link-Up}

First things first....I am going to get better at my le blog here! I will google tips and be better a taking good photos with my cannon instead of my iphone! Amateur I tell ya!  

Okay, anyways back to the link up! I am linking up with Halie and Hallie for First Things First

The First Thing I wanted to be when I grew up
Was to work at United and be a check out girl. What is that you ask? United is a grocery store, a lot like HEB, Kroger, Whole Foods, only in a small town. Yep, high hopes for myself I tell you. I did not want to move up to manager or a more specific job, just a check out girl!  Luckily I became a little more motivated and went to college. Not that college gave me much of an edge or pay raise in the job world after the market crashed! Oh well! :)

It was something about the rollers and bagging I loved!
First Time I flew on a plane
Was when I flew to the Cayman Islands the summer before 7th grade! I remember exactly what I wore for that first time experience! random, I know! This was my family's first big vacation in awhile. See I rodeoed and played basketball year round. My sister was active in sports also, so we were just busy and I wasn't going to miss any rodeos or tournaments! Finally the summer before my 7th grade year and before sister went off to college we went on a trip! It was so fun and the people there were so generous! I loved it to say the least!

My First CD
I honestly have no idea on this one. If I were to guess it was Brittney Spears single Hit Me One More Time. For some reason that stands out in my mind. I do not event remember when CD's came out, but I am sure we still had to listen to them with the cool tape adapter in the cars! 


  1. I totally wanted to be a checkout girl too! I never did, but I think if I needed a side job or something, I might look into it at Publix or something! And Britney was my first CD! Thanks for linking up with us girl :)

  2. hahahah I love the check out girl dream. That is soo adorable! :)
    and Hit Me Baby One More Time!? Classic!
    thanks for linking up my dear:):)

  3. Hey Colby! I laughed abot your first job - and yes, I feel ya with my college degree. I have it, but at times doesnt seem like it matters in this economy!

    Stop by and say hello sometime!