Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A lot changes in a Year

Wow...where to even start. A lot has changed in my life in a year. Not going to sit hear and bore anyone (my sister, since she is only one that reads!) with the details!

In a nutshell- I left Callaway Villas and went to work for ABC40 as an Account Executive, signed another year lease at Walden Pond since I decided to stay in CS. I loaded up, left Coup with Amanda and left CS in early January and moved to Mountain Home to start a new job at Comanche Trace as an Admin Assistant to the Membership Director and Events Coordinator! Was tied to lease until June, but got out of that mid January!That brings us back to date!

I was quite nervous making the move. Josh and I are not engaged yet, and did not plan on living together before that, but god placed me with a wonderful job where I wanted to be earlier than we had planned, and we went for it. We were both nervous, and now after a month we could not be happier! In these short months we have grown so much, once again, and are super happy to be back together in same place! :) I can truly say I am finally happy where I am, job and life!

I cannot complain about anything other than working a lot at a job I love, and coming home to three crazy puppy dogs ready to play! So therefore, those are not complaints! Speaking of puppies- Rocky loves his new home! It is a vacation every day to him! We had a scare about 2 weeks ago, he got terribly sick and was severely dehydrated and had to spend two days at the vet. Turns out he just go a hold of something that really messed with his stomach, but no surgeries and back to a healthy fun playing dog. He is a little skinny, but we are working on that!

I have a very busy and exciting Spring coming up!! My sister is getting hitched to the love of her life!!! and I am the MOH!

I am sure that being the MOH is stressful for any wedding, but this one I am really putting a lot of pressure on myself because 1- I have never been a MOH and 2- I want to make this experience the absolute best thing of Brandi's life because this is the most exciting thing in her life and I want her to remember it!
Here is a picture of her fabulous bling! Tj did quite well, with a little input from the little sis of course! :)

Along with her wedding, I am in 2 others also and house party in one! Starting April 16th mine, and Joshs, lives are bombarded with weddings, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and memories to last us a lifetime. I cannot wait for every single one, esp. May 27th....the day Brandi becomes a Nolen. Some sisters get scared when their sisters get married because they are losing them, Nope not me! I am gaining a brother and now my sister has a new last name! That is it! :) We will still be best friends and something that words can never describe. Crap...I have a speech to come up with i just remembered....better start that soon.

Well with all that has gone on, I have one person to give thanks to and that is our Amazing God. Through him things REALLY ARE possible. The power of prayer is awesome. I thank him for where I am today, and trust in him for my future.

I leave here with a pic of me and Josh and our new incredible view! :) This truly is Gods Country! :) Until next time, which will be sooner than later, God Bless!


  1. :) You're a fabulous MOH! And I love this post! Better get crackin' on that toast! hehe Love you!

    (dang, I just spit rhyme.)

  2. You hurt my feelings. ;) You KNOW I read too! Gorgeous pics of the Noah ladies!