Friday, February 25, 2011


Yep, I said it! TGIF! Thank Goodness It's Friday!!! :)

It is funny how this phrase comes back to life once you are in the working world! :) I love the weekends! I am especially looking forward to this one! Josh and I are headed to San Antonio tomorrow for our own little date day! Going to be a blast! A day full of eating, shopping, a few drinks I am sure, and hopefully a movie at the IMAX theater! I have never been to the IMAX theater! I am excited!! We already have our meals planned out-PF Changs for lunch and Maggianos for dinner! I have heard that Maggianos is amazing, so I can hardly wait! Definitely going to eat a light lunch to leave room for some amazing Italian food that night! Italian is my weakness!

Dad is going to get Coup this weekend and take him to Vernon. Wedding season is about to start off full force for me, so he is going to keep him for a couple of months & I will get him back in June! I am already planning out my riding areas, and beginning to clear rocks this weekend so I can make sure and have my trails ready to go ride! :) Too bad I have to wait until June!

Well Have a marvelous weekend! I know I will! :) Maybe I can take some great pics this weekend and post them on Monday! :)

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  1. Two great choices! I love the stuffed mushrooms at Maggianos!