Monday, February 28, 2011

Shellac is Where it is AT!

Have you ever gotten a manicure and it last for oh about a week if you stay indoors and no sort of living at all?

Who wants to pay for a manicure, and polish, when it last less than a week?

I was getting tired of it and decided to try Shellac! and Must say I will not go back to a normal polish for my nails! It stays on for at least 2 weeks! Helps your nails get stronger and grow! I am an outdoor girl, and not easy on painted nails! I had my last one on for 15 days and it hadn't chipped, just started to grow out at cuticles.

I got red the first time and it just got them re-done this Saturday! My nails were strong, longest they have ever been for me, and no stain! I got bright pink for spring this time! Since March is just around the corner! :)

So if you want a manicure that last! Go Shellac, it is a little more! But it is worth it since it last so long and I just do a polish, no manicure!Who has time to go get a manicure once a week! Not me! :)
Next time you go ask for it! You wont be disappointed! :)


  1. This is the second time I've heard about this! I just read about it on The Pioneer Woman blog. Where do you get it done? Just normal manicure places? Or fancy ones?

    And your hands looks scary yellow! But the polish looks cool ;)

  2. Yeah just a normal manicure place should carry it. Now EVERY one may not carry it, but I don't go anywhere fancy, come on it is Kerrville. Fancy doesn't necessarily come to mind when I hear Kerrville! And yeah it is called a "Photo Effect"