Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Reality

My first true love was horses! Ever since I was a little girl I have ridden horses and it was not only a hobby but it was/has always been a huge part of my life. It didn't define me, but without my horse and riding I would not be me.

As many who know me, a tragic event at the age of 17 changed my life forever. I lost an amazing horse and friend. My horses aren't just a source to run and make money, but they are a way of life for me. They relax me and heal me. Losing him took a toll on me emotionally.

That brings us to Coup! He has been a huge blessing in my Life for many reasons. He is such a great companion. And over the years I have enjoyed hauling him with lots of friends to barrel races and rodeos and made a ton of memories!!

He's been layed off for about a year with a stifle injury (which has been an issue with him for awhile), so I have been bringing him back slowly. It's been so nice to ride again. Although he did not feel back to his old self, he was riding great and enjoyed it. Next plan on agenda was see if he could run/high lope barrels and then sale him!
Well last night that all changed. I rode him Tuesday and he felt wonderful! I had plans to haul him to my neighbors Wednesday and take him around barrels then give him break and just leisure ride Friday and haul him Saturday and see how he felt! Well we must have over did it Tuesday because he was pretty stiff when I got him out of his stall. I was pretty bummed to say the least. I walked him around and he loosened up quite a bit, which made me feel better. But it did prove he probably will not be able to really make runs around any barrels and will just need to be sold as a good trail riding companion horse.
This is a bitter sweet feeling. I am happy I now know where he is with everything, but bummed he won't be able to run again and we won't get to haul anymore. But I know god has a plan for me and him and will place the right person to be his next owner. He is a sweet sweet horse and a great companion. He thinks he is a dog. It will be terribly hard to let him go, but he cannot fulfill what I need him for anymore and horses are not cheap pets. I know he will make someone a happy person because he is one happy horse and enjoys being ridden! So please pray that this next process of selling my big boy goes smooth and I find the perfect home for him! Because he deserves it! All he will do is give a person love and happiness!

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