Monday, June 18, 2012

Blissful Weekend after Stressful Week

What a week! Between starting my new position with no computer(yet) at the bottom of the hill, and still training the new Event Coordinate at the top of the hill, I worked a good long be everything to everyone type of week. It took it's toll on me emotionally to say the least. When I string myself out for you, and work my butt off and pile my plate on, I DO NOT deserve to be treated like crap and un-appreciated.

Needless to say the weekend, and time with my parents could not have come at a better time. My parents were headed this way for a mini-vacay in Fredericksburg! Josh met them and picked up Jakey because we were dog sitting for a few days! I planned on staying Thursday night with them and then they were coming back out to ranch Saturday evening!  It was nice to be around my parents Thursday night after a crappy crappy day! (Although I did get this nice gal Thursday before I got off which was a breath of fresh air)
Ah, Isn't she a beauty!

That evening We enjoyed a nice steak dinner and drinks and listened to live music!

I decided to go back and stay with them Friday as well and spend Saturday with them! (A girl needs just to be with their parents to make everything better) I was emotionally and physically exhausted after my week. I went for a 2 mile run through town and then enjoyed a nice evening with my parents!

Saturday we spent the day around town before heading back out to the house! I was excited to see Josh and my Rocky boy since I had not seen them in a few days! :)

We cooked out, drove around and looked at animals, and just enjoyed being with family. Josh and I live so far from them, we do not get that often! Dinner was amazing!
That night we discuessed plans for Sunday, Father's Day! I wanted to take my parents down to Leakey and Concan and show them the river and all the beautiful scenery there is! It is just up the road and they had never been, nor had Josh and I gone just to enjoy the day there!
We decided to make our first desitnation Garner State Park and drive through and go on a hike! Boy, did we go on a hike! It was amazing and the views were breathtaking!
Cowboy reading the map to the trails
Our Guide

At the top of the mountain

Crystal Cave

It was a great day! I canot wait to go back and hike more!!
We just enjoyed the cool pool and tank when we got home and took the pups swimming! :) Then cooked back strap for dinner, yumm! :)

Sweet Doc
Speaking Pups! Here is a precious pup we are sitting for the week! 12 weeks old!
He is my brother-in law's pup!

Have a Happy Rest of Monday!

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