Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Away

What a weekend. It is Monday, which means back to the grind of everyday work for 5 long days. Luckily, I love my new position and cannot complain, but I am a little tired today from a long fun fun fun weekend with some friends. Before I get to the weekend, first things first, these are my gorgeous flowers from my husband for our 2 months! :) He is such a sweetie! There is a funny story behind our 1 month anniversary so these made for a pleasant surprise and good laugh! :) He is so awesome.

Moving on to the weekend! My dear friend Lindsay is a newlywed, and now an army wife! She moves next THURSDAY to Virginia for 4 months and then on to Washington after that! It is so crazy that she will not be a drive away anymore, but I am so happy for her on this new adventure! If you think about it or have a few moments, plase pray for her and Jeffrey, her husband, as they drive across to Virginia and start the new chapter of their lives.

Our weekend was the best weekend ever, and only the best "Lin/Colby" style way to go out! Ashton joined us for the weekend since her hunny was away at the ranch with mine for a boys golfing weekend! Lin drove us to dinner Friday evening and we chatted and chatted over mexican food and margs, my fav!

The next day is when it all went down! A day of nothing going right! Long story short, Lin left the lights on in the car, and the battery was dead Saturday when we went to leave for the pool.
No biggie we'll jump it off, with the neighbors car, no luck.
Okay, we will charge battery, no luck.
Okay, we will put in N and push into street so we can get to the other two cars parked in front of it, no luck.
Call LandRover Dealership to  know how to get it into N, no luck.
(insert, lins car is at her dealership getting serviced but can get a loaner)
Call Tow company to come jump, or move, No luck
Call Lexus dealership and see if we can get loaner TODAY, YES.
Hop in a cab and ride to get loaner.
4.5 hours later and a $50 cab ride we have finally arrived at the pool!!!! :)

We Layed out and then chilled and got ready all while having beer and pizza! Then off to the bar it was! We had our cab driver lined out, but she too had car trouble and we had to drive ourselves after 30 min wait! :)

It was a blast! I cannot explain how awesome it is to have such great friends. Lin, her friend Cindy, Ashton, and I all had the time of our lives that night! I wish Lin the best on this next adventure and am so happy that I got to spend the weekend with her before she leaves Texas! Even if the weekend was a whirlwind of craziness, I would not have had it any other way!
Cheers to you, Lin! :)
*Pics from the weekend*

Atticus Boy!

Can't leave, just start drinking! :)

Cab ride through Houston!
At Taps, we came up with best game EVER!
Back home with my Rocky boy

Monday Mani for me

Happy Monday Everyone! 

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