Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Way behind

I am a bit of a ways behind. But so much to be thankful for. I will start where I left off.

Day 9: my parents hard work! Due to this they have given me a wonderful life, and had the opportunity to be at everything for me and spend so much valuable time with me. My dad
Spent 5 wonderful days with me and mom as well! So blessed!

Day 10- Showbox....enough said for anyone who knows me. This horse was more than a horse and there will always be a piece of my heart missing that he took with him when he left this earth that Sunday night in 2003. I to this day, almost 8 years later, always think of him and still cry.

Day 11- Coup...for showing me God had a plan for me. And everything does happen for a reason. And for teaching me patience and horsemanship!

Day 12- Western Lane...couldn't have asked for a better neighborhood and friends to grow up with!

Day 13- College Station- I love and will always love this town!

Day 14- the Harkeys...my second family! They are the best people and we are so lucky to have such wonderful next door neighbors that became our family! I love my then!

Day 15- My Job...for the first time after
College I am truly happy at my job! I can't complain! It gets demanding but is so rewarding!!! I love it!!

Day 16- My Brother, Tj. I was so happy the day he and my sister said I Do! It was so special and one of the best nights of my life to see my sister with so much happiness and joy in her life! I wish them a happy life together forever!!!

Day 17- K9 Literacy, a wonderful program helping kids! It was a remarkable experience to see Rocky's little boy transform over the 5 weeks we were with him! I made him a photo book of pictures with him and Rocky and motivational sayings hoping it would help him remember this
Time to to be confident. It was the least I could do , and it meant so much more
Than I could have ever imagined. He was so entirely grateful and excited. And wanted Rocky to read thru it with him! He could not wait to show his grandpa and mom who rocky was! And then I met his teacher and learned how
Much he has improved since he has been with rocky! Such a rewarding experience! We will be back in the spring!

Day 18- TEXAS A&M. Say what you will but I love this school for many reasons! It comes together in the moment of pain, and success. There is no other place like Aggieland! Gig em! And always remember 11.18.99. I was there that year, after the fall. The candlelight vigil, yell practice, and game. That changed my life forever and I believe changed me into an Aggie.

Day 19- My bridesmaids...I love every single on of them. They are all part of important part of my life and have been there for me throughout my relationship with Josh and God! I love these girls and could not imagine my special day without a single one of them

Day 20-XM radio for my Commute each day

Day 21-My Memaw. For always being there for me and supporting me no matter what.

Day 22- holiday season! I love this time of year! Time with family. Great food. Celebrations of our lord Jesus Christ! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas and get our first tree:):)

Day 23-My home! I love where I live and am blessed to be with such a awesome place to live. You can't pay for the view I have!:)

Almost done with us month! Hope everyone remembersTo always thank the man upstairs for everything in our life other than this month! I heard a great saying "what if all you had today is what you thanked God for yesterday?"

Happy Holidays!

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