Friday, August 3, 2012

The things he says...

I at times think, my husband could have his own reality show. It would feature me, our crazy life at the ranch, and our friends and family. You never know what is going to come out of his or my mouth, at times I wonder how we function on a day to day basis. haha. For reals though, Ask our friends or my family...They have witnessed this awesomeness I like to call it. He cracks me up. 

Watching the Olympics has been quite entertaining for us. Below are some amazing statements and questions my husband has said that keep me laughing.

"Do you think the women wear panties under those swimsuits" 
in which I no do you know any girls that wear panties under their swimsuits?
"Well they are different than most swimsuits" 
Yes, they actually cover more, and hello who wants to be slowed down more with panties!

"Man, their boobies really are smushed in there"

"Tennage boys have to enjoy this!"

"I could do without the floor routine for the men. They do not have to flail around like that"

"Ahh, it's Ryan Lochte!"

"Don't you lose it like you did in the relay"

"If you wouldn't have swam all the way to the olympics, you would have won that medal" referring to Lochte's repeating commercial on swimming to the Olympics

"I really don't get why gymnast only make it to one olympics. It isn't that hard on your body" 
in which I argued and he comes back with
"They have MATS to land on. You can't tell me that football isn't harder. I'm not saying people are wrong, I just don't get it"

And a few of my recent favorite
" I thought I was going to have to put on a cowboy hat and be all cowboy."

" Was that $1 a quill you charged us? That dog isn't even worth that much"

" I can pay someone to cut my toenails and rub my feet? I am never cutting my own toenails again!"

(Referring to my horse being turned out and him trying to call him up to feed)

Me: Did you get Coup up to feed him?
Husby: Yeah!
Me: Oh so your whistling worked?
Husby: No I had to walk out there and put his bridle on
Me: You mean halter
Husby: Yeah!
Me: Did he run from you?
Husby: Psh No, I am the horse whisperer. (DEAD SERIOUS)

The guy below keeps me laughing from a day to day basis! Laughing is good for the soul! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I love this!!! LOL I can just picture him! Crazy boy! hahaha

  2. Oh how I love y'all!! I can totally picture EVERY one of these statements being said!! Facial expressions an all!!!

  3. Ha ha - y'all both crack us up. Luv y'all